Regional Championship Title Rules

This policy applies to all CubingUSA Regional Championships.

Podium (first, second, and third place) and accompanying awards at Regional and State Championships are open to all competitors regardless of residency.

Regional Champion titles are granted to the top competitor in each event with an eligible residency.

Declare Residency

Log in and select your residency before the declaration deadline (typically the night before the competition starts) to be eligible for Regional Champion titles.

You can change your residency if you move, but you may only be eligible for Regional Champion titles at one Regional per calendar year.

You may still attend and win awards and place on the podium at Regional Championships where are you not eligible for Regional Champion titles.

Bring Proof of Residency

In addition to declaring in advance, you will need to bring proof of residency to the event to claim a Regional Champion title.

Note that title eligibility is based on residency, not citizenship.

Proof of residency may be in two forms: Proof of residency for the competitor Proof of residency for the competitor’s parent or guardian, with a statement from the parent or guardian that the competitor lives with them.

Pre-approved forms of residency verification include:

  • State Driver’s License or State ID (must be current)
  • School or college ID; must have EITHER:
    • expiration date in the future OR
    • issue date only, within 4 years
  • School or college transcript (within 6 months)
  • Utility bill (within 90 days) (no cell phone bills accepted)
  • Lease or Section 8 agreement (must be current)
  • Vehicle registration (must be current)
  • Homeowner’s, renter’s, or vehicle insurance policy (must be current)
  • Mortgage statement (within 90 days)
  • Property tax statement (within 1 year)

Competitors, parents, or guardians who would like to present an alternate form of residency verification not listed above should contact the organizers before the competition to request an exception. CubingUSA may or may not accept other forms of documentation at its sole discretion.

Please see the full Regional and State Championship Award and Title Policy in our Public Documents for details.