Unofficial Events and Seminars

Friday Night Schedule

  • 7:15: 3x3 Fewest Moves ends
  • 7:40 – 8:00: Motivational Speaking through the Rubik's Cube

    A seminar by Sam Richard

  • 8:00 – 8:25: Cuber-Metrics: Fun Facts and Statistically-Tested Answers about Cubing Psychology

    A seminar by Jared Astrof

  • 8:30 – 8:50: Why 2x2 is Not as Pointless as You Think: The Applications and Future of 2x2 Speedsolving

    A seminar by Will Callan and Luigi Soriano

  • 8:55 – 9:15: Teaching People How to Solve the Cube Using Modern Teaching Principles

    A seminar by Sarah Strong

Saturday Night Schedule

  • 7:15: 3x3 Fewest Moves ends
  • 7:30 – 8:30: Regions Relay

    The Regions Relay 2019 will be a knockout style tournament with 16 teams of 4 members each. Each team will represent a CubingUSA Region and each member must be a resident of that region. 2 Teams will be chosen from each of the 7 regions based on fastest official 3x3 Average of all team members combined. In addition to this, 2 wildcard teams will also be chosen. The information on teams, matchups, and bracket can be found here.

  • 8:30 – 9:30: Parent Team BLD

    45 Teams of Parents and their children will be competing in a Best of 2 event format. This unofficial event will be a Team BLD solve between a competitor and one of their parents/legal guardians. Team BLD is an event in which one person is blindfolded and turning the cube while the other person tells you what moves to do. One person is the "eyes" while the other person is the "hands" of a solve.

    How Parent Team BLD Works:
    In this specific event, the parent will be the one blindfolded and turning the puzzle while the competitor instructs the parent what moves to apply to the puzzle. The type of communication is completely up to the team. Similar to a usual WCA event, when your group is called up, both participants will bring their one cube up to the drop off station to be scrambled. Once your team is called up to a station, the parent will sit down and place the blindfold over their eyes. The competitor standing beside the parent will be able to inspect the cube for up to 15 seconds. Once both competitors are ready, the competitor will place the cube on the mat in front of the parent, the parent will place their hands on the timer, and will begin the solve. From this point forward, only the parent may apply moves to the cube. The competitor beside the parent can communicate however they would like to their parent so long as they do not purposefully try and distract competitors at the stations around them (i.e. no screaming or intentionally trying to interfere with another teams' solves - this will result in a DNF). The same penalties are still applied to the final resting state of the puzzle.

Autograph Booth

Please try to be polite and try to keep your autograph and picture request to these listed times. We thank all of these people for volunteering their time.


The Mosaic event will consist of 19 teams creating Rubik's cube mosaics using up to 300 cubes. Each team will have access to all 300 cubes during a 1 hour slot. The theme this year is Celebrity/Character and/or Landmark/Location and is up to interpretation by each team. Any mosaic that is deemed inappropriate by our judges will be disqualified. Mosaics will be judged on the image portrayed, accuracy, creativity, and relativity to the theme. Award for the best Mosaic will be presented right before awards of 3x3 Finals.